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Furry Writers' Guild website and forum

I hope this sort of post is allowed; I didn't see anything in the profile forbidding advertising. I wanted to help spread the word about the Furry Writers' Guild, a website recently created by Sean "Duroc" Silva with the goal of promoting quality anthropomorphic fiction and its creators.

Membership in the guild itself requires meeting some simple criteria (think SFWA, but scaled down) and provides access to a members-only section of the forum. The rest of the forum is open to everyone, and the main site lists a number of resources for writers, including a list of paying and non-paying markets open to anthro-themed work.

Things are obviously just getting started right now, but we're hoping the site will continue to grow and develop as others join in with their resources and ideas. Come have a look and see what you think. >^_^<

Main site:
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